Household items can be dangerous to children

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia, NC can do much more than treat children when they are ill. While parents do their best to protect their little ones, some things in the home can cause dangers and parents may overlook them. Toddlers, most of whom are small children, can become a particular challenge. They are fond of scouting around and will often feel like putting things in their mouths.

Young children will taste almost anything they lay their hands on. They get curious as to what it is and what it tastes like. Although this may look cute to a few individuals, it can pose serious health risks. These can include anything from choking to upper respiratory infection. Pediatricians fell part of their responsibility is to help parents understand what to look for.

Gastonia NC kid’s doctor advice on medication supplements

Some medications or herbal supplements may be harmless to adults. However, they may be a threat to a toddler. These include iron supplements, pain relievers, and cough medicines. Consumption of these items can cause nausea, vomiting, and worst health issues. Mouthwash is a necessity for keeping your breath fresh, but a toddler swallowing five ounces, or more can cause serious issues. Be aware that most mouth rinses are made with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Oral hygiene products are not always safe

Nearly all toothpaste tubing ships with warnings to use just the size of a pea. This is only when brushing your teeth. If too much toothpaste is swallowed, this may lead to serious stomach cramps in toddlers. Additionally, ingesting large amounts of toothpaste could cause intestinal blockage. Most kid’s doctors will tell parents to make sure not to let their children brush their teeth alone. Its important to understand that there are many products around the home that play a role in health or hygiene, that can be lethal in the hands or a toddler or infant. For example, lavender scented floor cleaners are often formulated in an attractive purple color. Toddlers will easily mistake this for grape drink.

Gastonia NC pediatricians are there to help

The number one way to avoid these issues is to be wary and be sure to put small things out of the reach of children. A watchful eye on small children is essential and remember that once you take your eyes off them, you may not notice they have already placed something small and dangerous in their mouths.

If you would like to learn more about dangerous things at home. Contact your local kid’s doctor in Gastonia Pediatric Associates and arrange a brief meeting. The knowledgeable personnel are well aware of what children are going to do when they are not being watched.