What is adolescence?

A kid’s doctor sees children at every stage of adolescence. This is the time between childhood and adulthood. It involves some significant shifts in the body and in the ways; a young adult interacts with the outside world.

There are any number of physical, sexual, behavioral, and psychological transitions that occur during these days, and can often result in anticipation and distress for children and their parents.

As you understand the various stages, you can contribute to healthy development throughout adolescence and into the beginning of adulthood.

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC gives a rundown of early adolescence

In this stage, children may often grow up faster. They begin noting body changes, the growth of hair under their arms and around their genitals, breast growth in girls, and testicular enlargement in boys.

For girls, they typically start a year or two sooner than boys and it can be normal for changes to occur by age 8 for girls and 9 for boys. Some kids question their gender role, and the onset of puberty can be a difficult time for some kids.

Early teens have a clear, black and white thought. They explore ways to be independent, and can push the boundaries and react if parents or guardians reinforce the limits.

What happens in middle adolescence?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia Pediatrics sees physical changes during middle adolescence.  Men are growing fast, their voices may break and acne may appear. In girls, the physical changes may be almost complete and most have regular periods.

Teenagers take an interest in relationships, challenge, and explore their sexual identity. A common way for teens to experiment is through masturbation. Many middle-aged teens have arguments with parents, spend less time with family, and are preoccupied with their appearance.

The brain keeps changing, but development isn’t complete until the early 20s! Middle adolescents are more capable of thinking about the bigger picture, but lack the application. More often, it will be emotions that guide their decisions.

Last stages of adolescence in Gastonia NC kids

Late adolescents generally have finished developing physically and have grown to adult stature. They often have more control over urges and are better at measuring rewards and dangers accurately. Teens entering adulthood now have a stronger sense of individuality and identify values.

They may focus more on their future and make judgments on their hopes and ideals. Friendships and romance becomes more established. They are separated emotionally and physically from their family. However, many will re-establish an adult rapport with their parents, considering them as an equal to seek advice, or they will consider seeking advice from their local kid’s doctor who saw them grow.

What can I do as my child enters adolescence in Gastonia NC?

Parents need to be there to offer support, and as hard as it may be on occasions, there is still the need to stay in the parental role.

Parents should never panic, and if they need assistance, they can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates who are always on hand and have a kid’s doctor available 24/7 to deliver the best advice, or go through any physical examinations with children who may have issues with adolescence.