Can a kid’s doctor diagnose obesity in my child?

A children’s doctor knows all too well that obesity is on the increase across the USA and the rest of the world. Estimations are that around one-third of children are growing to be overweight. However, they don’t tend to have as many weight-related problems like those that adults tend to do.

When you look at the facts, it means until children reach puberty, they won’t see too many health issues hit them. Yet, once they reach puberty, these weight problems can lead to a higher risk of them developing chronic illnesses later in their life.

If you have children who you think are overweight, and suspect they are obese. Here is some useful information what it all means, and how you can help in these situations.

What causes obesity in children in the eyes of a children’s doctor?

There are several factors which can lead obesity in Gastonia NC children, and the same is true throughout the USA. The three most common factors which influence this is:

  • Genetics and if there is a family history of obesity
  • An overall lack of physical activity
  • Eating patterns that are unhealthy. This includes lots of processed foods

Many parents who visit Gastonia Pediatrics with their children, and who are overweight themselves, always tend to lay the blame on themselves. The children’s doctor in the local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic are forever informing parents that genetics are not always the first thing, which leads to these problems.

What illnesses can Gastonia NC children face when obese?

Obesity manifests itself in a few ways when children contract an illness or disease. These common conditions can include:

  • Problems with bones not forming correctly
  • Severe acne, fungal infection, and heat rashes
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure. This can lead to early heart disease
  • High levels of cholesterol

How do I know if my child is obese or just overweight?

When a parent attends a pediatric clinic, the children’s doctor would be the number one person to decide if a child is obese or overweight. They will use weight and height testing to compute a child’s BMI (Body Mass Index), which then is compared to a series of standard values.

After they have done this, they will check and track growth patterns to see if there are changes in either direction.

Parents in Gastonia NC can help their children

Depending on the children’s age, it is crucial to reassure them that the parents will support them fully. If they are school age, they will face a lot of teasing, and a reassuring shoulder is very welcome.

Obesity in children creates emotions in children, and it is often a mirror of how they perceive their parents’ feelings about them. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children if they are in this situation, but if difficult, they can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates any time they need one of the children’s doctor to help explain things more clearly.