Gastonia’s best kids doctor can help prevent burn injuries at home

Gastonia’s best kids doctor is alarmed by the thousands of children treated in hospitals for burns each year. Scald burns, contact burns, and flame burns are some causes of burn injuries that need hospitalization. Parents can take some precautions to promote their children’s safety and reduce susceptibility to burns.

Safety in the kitchen

The kitchen allows for a dozen creative activities for parents and children. Similarly, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. Meal preparation involves hot liquids, grease, and foods, which can result in serious burn injuries when they spill. Don’t underestimate microwaveable foods, as they are responsible for many scald-burn injuries. Microwaves are quick and easy to use, providing convenience. However, liquids, foods, and containers can become too hot and cause serious burns when grabbed or spilled. Consider the following safety tips during meal preparation:

  • Start by creating and enforcing a ‘no-kid zone of at least three feet around the kitchen’s stoves, microwaves, ovens, and other hot items.
  • Children should stay out of rooms where a hot object can be touched. Always keep your baby in a safe place as you cook, including a crib, playpen, or buckled in a high chair.
  • Don’t hold a child while cooking or carrying hot liquids and foods.
  • Treat items from the microwave as items from the oven and supervise microwave use by kids.
  • Put pans and pots on the back burner. The handles should also be turned away from the edge of the stove.
  • Keep away hot objects, such as hot drinks, from the edges of the table and out of reach of young children who could pull them down. Additionally, don’t place these objects on tablecloths that can be pulled down.

Fire safety with outdoor fires 

Consider the fire safety of children of all ages regarding bonfires and campfires. Every part of a fire can harm children. Extinguished fire pits can remain hot for up to twelve hours and cause burns. Adhere to these tips during your next campfire or bonfire with your children:

  • Supervise children at all times around fires and fire pits.
  • Make sure that kids stay at least three feet from the fire edge.
  • Never use an accelerant like gasoline, kerosene, or aerosol sprays to start a fire.
  • Never throw anything other than wood into the fire. It is especially true for cans, which can explode and cause large flash flames.
  • Always keep the fire small and manageable with water nearby in case of an emergency.
  • It’s best to have a sit-down with your children and explain the dangers of fires.

More measures to prevent burn injuries at home

  • Lock away lighters, matches, gasoline, and other chemicals.
  • Set your water heater thermostat to not more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Have an efficiently working smoke alarm on every level of your home. Be sure to test the alarms monthly and change batteries yearly.
  • Supervise the time spent by your child on their computer, tablet, and phone. Trending social media challenges may involve using fire aerosol cans and hot water, which could result in burn injuries.

Work with Gastonia’s best kids’ doctor

Caregivers are responsible for making sure the home environment fosters children’s safety. Remember that if a burn happens, cool it with cool water, remove all clothing and jewelry, and use a clean sheet or bandage to cover the affected area. Then, work with Gastonia’s best kids doctor for the best medical attention. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.