A Gastonia kid’s doctor has advice on how to help prevent your child from choking.

Have your baby:

  • Sit up while eating (no lying down).
  • Sit in a high chair or another safe place.
  • Avoid eating in the car or stroller.
  • Cook and prepare food in ways that are appropriate for your child’s development.

Talk to your kid’s doctor to learn about what you can do to be prepared in case your toddler chokes on something.

Potential choking hazards for 6 to 12-month-old baby

Kid’s doctors say that 6 to 12-month-old babies are still learning how to chew and swallow foods. This means a child could choke. They advise parents to pay close attention to what their child is eating and what their child puts in his or her mouth. The way food is prepared may increase the risk of choking. Some foods that are served uncooked, whole, or in certain shapes can be choking hazards. Cutting up food into smaller pieces and mashing foods can help prevent choking.

These are examples of potential choking hazards:


  • Cooked or raw whole corn kernels
  • Uncut cherry or grape tomatoes
  • Pieces of hard raw fruit or vegetables
  • Whole pieces of canned fruit
  • Uncut grapes, berries, cherries, or melon balls
  • Uncooked dry fruit such as raisins


  • Whole or chopped nuts and nut butter such as peanut butter
  • Tough or large chunks of meat
  • Hot dogs, meat sticks, or sausages
  • Fish with bones
  • Large chunks of cheese, especially string cheese

Grain Products

  • Cookies or granola bars
  • Potato or corn chips, pretzels, or similar snack foods
  • Crackers or bread with seeds, nut pieces, or whole-grain kernels
  • Whole kernels of cooked rice, barley, wheat, or other grains

Sweetened Foods

  • Hard candy, jelly beans, caramels, gumdrops, or gummy candies
  • Chewing gum
  • Marshmallows

Next week, we’ll take you through the choking hazard for children from 12 to 24 months old. Stay tuned!

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