What are the most common allergies my child may face?

A local pediatric practice is handy if your child shows signs of an allergic reaction. Children may face a few allergies at some stage early in their life. These can include Peanuts, shellfish, insect bites or stings, pets or metals. Pediatricians have found the number of allergies in children is on the rise.

Parents need to know the signs of an allergic reaction, so here are the common ones that may arise and require a trip to your pediatrician.

Shellfish allergies are not always genetic

Parents may have seen their own pediatrician when they were younger because they have a shellfish allergy. However, this doesn’t mean your child will have a shellfish allergy, or they won’t. Foods that can cause allergies are octopus, mussels, oysters, scallops, prawns, shrimp or lobster.

When children are allergic to shellfish, the proteins because heightened responses in your child’s immune system. If you are in a position where you are eating shellfish, limit the amount your child has on the first time and check for any signs of an allergic reaction. This is a common allergy, but not the most common where the local Gastonia NC pediatric practice sees many cases.

Peanut allergies are one of the most common Gastonia Pediatrics see in children

Peanuts are the most common food allergy, particularly with children. This is also the most common food allergy a parent takes their child to their pediatric practice for.

Be aware of the fact peanuts are in many food products, not only peanut butter. Candies and other baked goods can all contain peanuts to some extent, even if it isn’t obvious by looking at the food.

Many other products may be processed using the very same equipment used for peanuts, resulting in allergies in highly sensitive children. Make it a point to check the labels if your child must avoid all peanuts.

Insects and pets can require a visit to the pediatric practice in Gastonia NC

Allergic reactions to insect stings from bees, hornets, and wasps can be very serious. If they are allergic to insect stings, it is essential to always carry an EpiPen. If your child is away from your care, such as going to school or participating in sports, then a responsible adult needs to be aware of their allergy and possess an EpiPen at all times.

Use caution by inspecting your child’s play area and removing insect nests. Like the majority of allergies, sensitivity to hair from cats and dogs can vary from slight to severe. Allergies to pets, by contrast, are seldom life threatening. If your child is reacting to your favorite pet, look for pediatric practice medical assistance. Your pediatrician will help with allergy testing, prescriptions, or desensitization shots.

Calling on your local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic

While many allergies can be nothing more than a rash or sneezing, there are some, which require medical assistance. This is often the case with peanut allergies more than anything. If you want a good opinion on the matter, you can schedule yourself an appointment with your child’s pediatrician by contacting Gastonia Pediatric Associates.

The staff know all there is about the above allergic reactions, and how parents can best prepare themselves in case their child has one. With around the clock assistance, you are sure you have the right pediatric practice backing you up in the case of an emergency.