When will a Gastonia NC pediatrician perform a sports physical?

A child’s doctor may perform a sports physical at any time. It can be before school restarts, or if your child is active in sports throughout the year. One of the more popular times is before school restarting when kids are trying out to get on their sports teams.

It doesn’t matter when your child will partake in sporting activities, when they do they will need proof they have had an up to date physical examination.

Why children require a sports physical?

Sports physicals are typically mandated by a school district or athletic league to ensure your child is physically prepared to participate in play. Additionally, sports physicals are a great way to notify coaches about a player’s previous injuries or medical problems.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly encourages physical examination by a child’s physician before participation. This provides a private, comprehensive physical visit with a child’s doctor who is familiar with your child’s medical history, enabling the doctor to evaluate any previous history of injury or concussion.

What will happen in a sports physical?

The pediatrician will examine your child’s medical history, family records, and vaccination records during the physical exam. A thorough medical history will include allergy checks and medications. Some conditions, like asthma, may need further guidance for coaches, so be ready to discuss the complete medical history. Your kid’s doctor can also screen for mental health problems.

This also provides a chance for your pediatrician to counsel your child’s about healthy habits such as good nutrition, drug and alcohol avoidance, and safe sports. He or she may be reminded to stretch, stay hydrated and practice out of extreme heat.

Physical aspects a child’s doctor in Gastonia NC performs

When a detailed medical history has been obtained, your child’s doctor will conduct a complete medical examination. This includes height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and eyesight. A female athlete may be questioned about her menstrual cycle, and a physical will probably assess pubertal development for all of them.

Both male and female athletes may be examined for inguinal hernias, therefore remember to remind your child that their doctor may check their private parts only for this purpose. If the doctor thinks your child is approved for sports, they can complete the required paperwork. Some things that emerge during the sports physical examination may require that the clearance be delayed or happen under certain conditions. Your child’s doctor may recommend a follow-up appointment to finalize your child’s authorization and address concerns.

Gastonia NC pediatric clinics perform sports physicals

When your child is thinking of taking part in sports or any activity, it is better to have the examination carried out well beforehand. This will be in case there are any issues, and these can be sorted in plenty of time.

To arrange a physical with your child’s doctor, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates. The staff are well versed in carrying these out on children of all ages. Once you have this, you can watch your child grow to become a young athlete.