Is your child under the weather now summer has gone?

A children’s doctor in Gastonia NC understands almost any ailment a child may experience. Now they have returned to school, it is possible for them to return home with a fever or other illness at some stage. Many children contract illnesses irrespective of whether they have been immunized or not.

If you are concerned about your child feeling ill and are uncertain of the cause, here are some tips about what it can be, and ways to protect your child’s health.

Gastonia NC kid’s doctor see kids with fevers

Depending on your child’s age, a fever can be either harmful or risky. A children’s doctor will recognize it is not an illness, but rather that fever is a sign of illness. Bacteria or viruses most often cause these. Occasionally it can start by a child overheating through being overdressed.

You can start by lightly touching the forehead of your child, and if it feels like it’s warmer than usual, you can use a thermometer to take his or her temperature.

A temperature of 100°F or above means they have a fever. Pediatricians can explain a fever is the body of a child attempting to combat the condition.

Children are supposed to have a light blanket. You should try to keep a constant temperature in the surroundings. Have them rest and provide them with lots of fluids.

Lowering their temperature should not be overly important to you. If the symptoms do persist, call your local pediatric clinic for assistance. Gastonia Pediatrics are available 24/7 for cases such as this.

A local children’s doctor can treat tonsillitis

While tonsillitis is an infection, no one virus or bacteria can be responsible for it. On many occasions, strep may be the culprit, and this makes it near impossible to vaccinate against. Tonsils that have been infected redden and swell. This will make it more difficult for small children to gulp and swallow.

When a child shows symptoms of tonsillitis for the first time, you need to be prepared to transport them to your local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic. Tonsillitis is usually treatable with a course of antibiotics. If your child suffers from viral tonsillitis, this medication will not work reliably.

A child should consume plenty of fluids and softer foods so that it is easier to swallow. Additionally, the dishes they use must be washed separately.

 Choosing your pediatrics clinic in Gastonia NC

Unless you already have a children’s doctor, it is best to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates now the colder weather is right around the corner. They are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

If you are unsure about any symptoms, it may be worth taking your child to his or her pediatrician, so you can be certain that nothing harmful is happening. In any case, a checkup can never hurt you, and a quick chat with a children’s doctor can be reassuring.