What is the gastroenteritis?

A children’s doctor in Gastonia NC will see most children at some stage if they have gastroenteritis. For children and infants or ones who are immune compromised. This stomach issue can lead to something worse than just stomachache. Hospitalization or death have been known.

Read on for more information on these potentially fatal stomach bugs.

What can cause these stomach bugs?

Viruses cause around 70% of gastroenteritis. The two most contagious being norovirus and rotavirus. This latter one is the primary cause of diarrhea in young babies around the globe, and almost every child by the age of 5 will be affected at least once.

Norovirus is seen as the most common cause that leads to gastroenteritis and other foodborne illnesses in the USA. It is easy to see why a locals children’s doctor in Gastonia NC is busy with such patients.

Other causes of gastroenteritis a children’s doctor may explain

Aside from the top two reasons for these stomach bugs and worse, there are other reasons this ailment can be contracted.

Foods that hasn’t been prepared properly or stored in a correct manner. These will have bacteria growing on the surface, which can create toxins. These can trigger gastroenteritis in children, as their stomach isn’t as strong as adults are.

While it is contracted by contaminated food and water, other individuals who are infected usually spread it.

Symptoms of stomach bugs a Gastonia NC pediatric practice may treat

A children’s doctor may treat this illness depending on the cause. However, there are a few symptoms, which are common no matter where you get these stomach bugs.

  • Fevers or chills
  • In infants, there can be fussiness or they are irritable
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Stomach pains, cramping or vomiting
  • Poor feeding in young children

Treatments Gastonia NC children’s doctor may prescribe

Because most cases of gastroenteritis are viral, a local kid’s doctor will prescribe no antibiotics. These can actually worsen the symptoms. Staff in Gastonia Pediatrics know that offering symptomatic relief is the best thing for young children.

Feed them on lean meats and complex carbs such as whole grains, potatoes chicken and fish.

Keep them well hydrated with water and Pedialyte to replace electrolytes

Ibuprofen can help avoid excess stomach irritation.

When will I need to see my local Gastonia NC pediatric practice?

In the majority of cases, this condition can be controlled at home. However, after some quick advice from a children’s doctor, there are other instances where parents need to take their child to a pediatrician.

  • Abdominal swelling and pain
  • Extreme irritability and lethargy
  • Vomit that is bile stained or contains traces of blood
  • Diarrhea that contains blood
  • Severe dehydration
  • Medical conditions which weaken the immune system

Any parent who sees these additional symptoms in their child can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates at any time 24/7. The professional staff are always available to give the best advice or for emergencies of something, which parents may have thought, was a simple upset stomach.