Why do people say tummy time?

Your Gastonia, NC, children’s doctor will know well before things to keep an eye out for on your child. There are things new parents won’t know or understand.

From the moment they are born, babies are on a growth spurt. Sometimes, when you give your child instructions, things can get complicated. Tummy time for your child is as vital to their development as time spent on their back.

Here are some things you should know about.

What does my children’s doctor mean by tummy time?

Tummy time is about the time your baby spends on his or her tummy. For years, parents are bombarded with information about babies who sleep on their backs as essential to prevent SIDS. Once they hear about tummy time, it may be time for them to have a local pediatrician explain it to them.

Tummy time is when young children are on their stomachs during playtime. They will be wide-awake and alert, and by doing so, you encourage your baby to develop neck muscles, so he or she can lift their head. From here, they will be able to crawl, sit, and walk.

Gastonia, NC children’s doctor will explain tummy time

There is no time too early to start the toddler tummy time. By spending several minutes daily, babies become more accustomed to their new position. The ideal time is after your child wakes up or you change their diaper, ensuring you have their undivided attention.

Your baby should spend at least 15 minutes on his tummy, although you can divide it into five-minute periods throughout the day. Gastonia Pediatrics are keen on this practice as it does offer many benefits.

Simply leave a space on the floor, place a large blanket and soft toys. Then lay your toddler down on his tummy. You can also do the same thing on his chest, and doing this can help increase his social engagement. You can see that babies may try to object, while others proceed as if they have been doing it for a while.

Your children’s doctor will say to increase the amount of time spent in this position to encourage reasonable muscle control that allows your child to use his or her head to participate in the world around him or her.

Finding an understanding pediatric clinic in Gastonia, NC

If you have already begun this tummy time, your children’s doctor will see an improvement. However, there are times you may see it doesn’t work. Some babies can have limited movement or control, their head tilts to one side, or they still don’t crawl after six months. Some babies may need therapy from their children’s doctors to help them with these weaker muscles.

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The supporting staff of Gastonia Pediatrics can go through all you need to know to make sure your child is getting the best treatment, or your local pediatrician can see how much of an improvement tummy time makes to your toddler.