Should my child need any dietary supplementation?

A children’s doctor in Gastonia, NC does much more for a child’s welfare than tending to bumps and bruises. As they see kid’s grow, they constantly monitor their progress. It is here, they see if they gain weight to alarming levels, or they appear undernourished.

For the most part, a kid’s doctor will advise a healthy diet for all the child’s nutritional needs, yet if a child is deficient in some areas; it may be possible they advise some additional supplements. Here is more information about nutrition advice for children.

Gastonia, NC dietary supplementation in children

If you are delivering your child a careful assortment from all basic food groups. They should be eating a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Nevertheless, some vitamins, such as fat-soluble vitamins like A and D, can lead to risks. If over consumed, the body stockpiles them in tissues, and at high levels, they can may make your child ill.  High doses of minerals like zinc and iron taken over prolonged periods can have a negative impact, your children’s doctor can advise which are suitable or should be avoided.

Children’s doctor and toddler supplements

The first months and years are crucial times for growth and development of the brain. Pediatrics clinics may advise some vitamins and supplements for certain cases.

Rickets is a good example of an illness where the bones soften, and is linked to not enough vitamin D intake, which often comes with reduced exposure to sunlight. At present, this can be a risk for many kids who need to stay indoors.  It is advisable to check with your children’s doctor how you can get around this situation.

Learn about supplements from Gastonia Pediatrics

If your family dietary habits are limiting the groups of foods available to your child, for some children, supplementation may be helpful. It may be he or she requires vitamins or mineral supplement to bolster nutrition.

For instance, if you have limited foods available, or you eat a vegan diet, you may need to consult pediatrics professionals who may advise where children can end up lacking vitamins and nutrients. Any diet needs control, yet if you end up with limited groceries, this is a very different scenario.

Gastonia, NC pediatric practice helps with supplements

It can be hard knowing if your children are lacking nutrition and vitamins from their diet. Luckily, the staff in the local pediatrics clinic are well aware of the sign sand the symptoms of these deficiencies. Aside from this, they also know what dietary supplements are safe for children, and what age’s toddlers and young children up to adolescents need to be for what size of dose.

If you are unsure and wish to know more, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and children’s doctor can schedule you in for a quick consultation, and give your child a check-up to make sure there are no signs of nutrient deficiency.