Do you need a children’s car seat?

A children’s doctor in Gastonia NC can do more than diagnose ailments and illnesses in children. They will see them grow over their first few years so that they can recommend certain things.

Your kids may not like to be strapped in a car seat, yet they are shown to save lives. Over seventy percent chance of fatal injuries is reduced by using the right baby seat.

Read on, and you can find more information on the use of car seats for toddlers and young kids.

What is the right seat for my child?

When you ask a children’s doctor which seats will be suitable for your child, they will tell you that smaller children such as toddlers and infants should ride in rear-facing seats. This needs doing until they reach the maximum weight or height limits for that seat.

Once they reach these sizes or heights, they can then move to forward-facing seats. Again, they are required to use these seats until they reach the maximum height and weight. Regardless of which one comes first, kids can then move to booster seats. These will be in use until they are between 8 to 12 years old or 4’9” in height.

Can a children’s doctor help with vehicle fitting?

Your local Gastonia NC pediatrician cannot physically check your baby seat is fitted correctly. They can advise on what they know, and that if any seat moves more than one inch after being latched. It is not fitted correctly.

Adding to this, many parents wonder if their child should move to another seat. Your Gastonia Pediatrics children’s doctor can see if your child is growing at the right rate. This is one of the manufacturer’s stipulations when children need to change seats.

Is it okay to use second-hand baby seats?

These car seats are far from cheap. There is the temptation to cut some costs and either use a donated seat or to purchase one cheaper instead. Even passing one down from one child to the next will be advised as a bad idea if they are more than a couple of years apart.

Purchasing a seat that is second hand should never be done, as there is no knowing of how the seat has been used, or if it has been involved in a vehicle accident.

More advice on children’s growth in Gastonia NC

Some parents may worry their child is growing slowly. It can mean their child is using the seat longer than they anticipated, and it can give cause for concern.

For any worried parent, they can take their child to visit their children’s doctor for a checkup. All the staff at Gastonia Pediatric Associates have been in this scenario before and can understand how worrisome it can be.

Contact them today, and put your mind at ease your child is normal and using a baby seat, that bit longer is in their interests.