Children’s doctors are here for you in Gastonia and surrounding areas to provide routine wellness checks for your child. Children need wellness checks as soon as they are born to manage their emotional, physical, and mental health. By the time a child turns five, they have likely gone to the doctor for checkup over a dozen times. These visits don’t include emergencies or general consultations with kid’s doctors. As the children grow older the hospital trips may be reduced to an annual physical checkup, or in case of illness or injury.

Wellness checks for children

Wellness checks are important in a child’s development. These checks can help your children’s doctor identify early warning signs for potential diseases. Instead of having to wait for symptoms to manifest, a wellness check can reveal potential health concerns early enough. Early detection of possible conditions gives the children’s doctor a head start to recommend treatment. This also helps the pediatrician to manage the health concerns before they become life-threatening.

Children’s doctors have an exam in their wellness check that includes physical exams, weight and height measurements, hearing and vision tests, and body temperature tests. Urine and stool sample tests can also be conducted in these checks. Children also receive immunity-boosting shots to help their bodies in fighting infections such as the flu. In taking weight and height readings, pediatricians are able to determine whether a child overweight or underweight and offer nutritional advice to remedy either condition.

Going by the numerous wellness checks that children need in the course of their development; it is important for parents or caregivers to partner with a reliable pediatrician for their child. This is because you’d want your child to be in the care of a doctor that understands your concerns and explains their recommendations in the simplest form possible. A good relationship between the parent and the pediatrician helps to ease the parent’s worries and creates a comfortable environment in which their child’s health can efficiently be managed.

Best children’s doctors in Gastonia

Gastonia pediatric associates are a dedicated group of healthcare providers that have been in operation for nearly 60 years. In all these years these pediatricians have provided wellness checks to families in and around Gastonia for three generations. These wellness checks are an opportunity for kid’s doctors and parents to discuss any concerns regarding the child’s wellbeing and growth.

Gastonia pediatric associates in Gastonia, NC is your reliable partner in making sure that your wellness checks are handled with care for you and your child. Having been in medical service for a long time, they have the extensive experience needed to provide hands-on wellness checks for the wellbeing of your whole family.  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offer top quality pediatric care