Children’s doctors in Gastonia NC say sore throats have a variety of causes. The majority of sore throats are caused by a cold. In fact, during the first 24 hours, a sore throat may be the sole symptom to appear. Coughing and a runny nose follow shortly after. The following are other causes of sore throat:

Pharyngitis caused by a virus

Children’s doctors diagnose that some viruses produce a sore throat alone, with no other signs or symptoms of infection. There is no development of a cough and runny nose as part of the sickness. Antibiotics will not be of assistance.


Children’s doctors say infectious Mono is most often seen in teenagers and young adults. The most common symptoms include sore throat, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes throughout the body. Mono is similar to Strep in that it causes pus to accumulate on the tonsils. Patients suffering from Mono may also have a big spleen. He or she will be found in the upper left side of the tummy. Mono is diagnosed via the use of certain blood tests.

Post-nasal drip 

Children’s doctors diagnose that painful throat may be caused by the drainage from a sinus infection. The throat clearing that occurs as a result of the drainage may be the source of the majority of the discomfort. It is more probable than not that the sinus infection is caused by a virus.

Breathing via the mouth

Children’s doctors diagnose that breathing with the mouth open while sleeping may result in a sore throat the next morning. It often disappears after a meal of cereal or toast.


Children’s doctors say a condition in which the epiglottis becomes inflamed (an infection of the flap of tissue over the voice chords caused by germs). Normally, it serves to protect the windpipe during swallowing. Extremely painful throat, excessive drooling, spitting, and fever are the primary symptoms. It has the potential to close up the airway.

Infants and toddlers may experience certain symptoms

Children’s doctor recommends that children less than 2 years of age are not likely to complain of a sore throat, according to research. A sore throat may occur in a young kid who does not want to eat favorite meals. During feedings, they may sometimes scream out of frustration. Drinking Fluids – Decreased care guide is generally more effective in treating their symptoms.

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