Children’s doctors say that parents often choose to drag along with their child, even when it involves hygiene. If a kid hates having their hair brushed, they’ll find a shorter cut for him/her to have a hair that needs less maintenance.

One thing a parent can’t compromise on is the brushing of their children’s teeth. And not simply because of its cleanness, healthy teeth will facilitate and avoid expensive orthodontic care when your kids are older, but also because good oral hygiene is vital to your child’s overall health. Some experts even think the bacteria from gum disease is also able to go into the bloodstream which potentially hurts the heart.

Wondering how to get started? It’s a step-by-step process. Here’s a way to start.

Talking to your child

How many times have you ever told your child to brush their teeth only to be answered with a whine or complaint? Brushing of teeth looks like a complete waste of time to most kids; it’s boring, their teeth don’t look dirty, and who cares what happens to baby teeth, anyway!

Well, your kid should care…baby teeth are important! In step with the American Dental Association, losing baby teeth too early to dental caries can cause overcrowding and other problems. But your kid doesn’t know any of that, so you ought to check with them about the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily.

Here are some basic talking points and techniques you’ll use whenever you get pushback from your child about taking care of their teeth.

  • Remind your child that we wash our hands several times every day to avoid germs so we don’t get sick, and after we brush our teeth, we’re doing the same thing.
  • Brush your teeth alongside your child in the morning and also in the evening. children like to copy adult behaviors.
  • Cater to their preferences. If your child only wants bubble gum-flavored toothpaste, don’t give them mint. If they want an electric toothbrush (oh, the novelty!), that’s fine. Whatever gets them brushing is fine.
  • Take turns. Allow your child to brush their teeth first, so tell them it’s your turn. Kids under six haven’t got the motor skills to be able to brush effectively, so they need an adult to brush. But giving them the possibility to try and do it first help them learn and practice.

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