Children’s doctors in Gastonia NC say feeding disorders bring about weight loss and deficiencies in the children’s nutrition. So, supplements to aid nutrition are needed.  It may also affect the daily functioning of the children. The eating disorder in children can disrupt the children’s ability to participate in regular social activities like taking meals with others; it can go a long way to disrupt how a family functions.

Causes of Feeding Disorder

Children’s doctors stipulate that there is no specific cause of feeding disorder in children. Often, several factors contribute to it. The contributive factors will be explained one after the other.

Feeding disorder can occur when the temperament of the child gets overstimulated or adapts slowly. It can occur when children feel discomfort or pain while being fed (from allergies or refluxes). Children may have negative experiences while they are being fed (gagging, pain, vomiting, and coughing while being fed). The child may have a history of ventilator use, NG tubes, surgeries, or oral procedures. The child’s stomach may not empty quickly. The child may have dysphagia (poor oral motor skills). The child may have either a low or high muscle tone. There may be delays in the development of the child. The child may have specific disabilities with development (like autism spectrum disorder). The child may have some underlying health issues like seizures, ear infections, dental issues, or frequent infections in their respiratory tract.


The evaluation and the diagnosis can depend on the present problems and medical history of the child. The child’s current symptoms, medical history, medical records, developmental history, and growth pattern will have to be reviewed. The dietary intake of the child will have to be assessed by a registered dietician. The child will have to be evaluated by a professional nurse or physician so the cause of the feeding disorder can be ascertained. The feeding behavior of the child will have to be evaluated by a clinical psychologist. There should be special tests like endoscopic and barium swallow assessments conducted so swallowing can be evaluated. A pediatric gastroenterologist should evaluate the child, so it can be ascertained if the issues from feeding result from the GI tract. The blood work can also help determine if any underlying medical issues contribute to the child’s feeding disorders.

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