A children’s doctor, in Gastonia NC, explains that all the cells in the body are controlled by a system that regulates their growth, interactions with their surroundings, and length of life. However, the cancerous cells grow out of control, develop unusual sizes and shapes, move past their normal boundaries within the body, and destroy nearby cells. As cancer cells multiply, the child’s immune system weakens and makes it difficult for the body to fight other illnesses.

Nature of cancer in children

Children’s doctor says that cancer in children is uncommon, but it can occur. The most common types of childhood cancer are leukemia and lymphoma. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of cancer in children. Others such as lymphoma, brain cancer, and osteosarcoma are all possibilities (bone cancer). The way they are treated differ significantly from cancers that occur in adults. For instance,

  • The factors that contribute to cancer in children and adolescents are typically distinct from those that contribute to cancer in adults (for example, smoking).
  • Most cancer-stricken children recover.
  • The side effects of cancer treatment can be more severe and last for a longer period. 

Causes of cancer in children

Children with a genetic condition such as Down syndrome are at an increased risk of developing cancer. Children who have received cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, are more likely to develop cancer in the future. However, the cause of childhood cancer is due to a series of random mutations (changes) in the genes of developing cells.

Treatment for cancer

Children’s doctors advise that being treated at a medical center that specializes in pediatric oncology ensures that children with cancer receive the best possible treatment. treatment options can include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplant. The type of treatment required will vary depending on the age of the child, the type of cancer, and the severity of said type.

Role of parents

Children doctors recommend that when it comes to treating children with cancer, the primary goal is to cure them. Many medicines and therapies can make children more comfortable while they are being treated for cancer. Children should be involved in their own cancer treatment whenever possible. Make use of language that your child understands to explain his health status. When dealing with toddlers and children below the age of four, simply stating that they are “ill” and in need of “medicine” to get better can suffice as an explanation. Preventing fear and misunderstanding is the goal for everyone, regardless of age.

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