Children’s doctor gives nutrition advice

A children’s doctor is a good person to give nutritional advice. These pediatricians say that adequate nutrition is vital to the growth and development of infants and children. A healthy and balanced diet strengthens a child’s immune system, helps the child maintain a healthy weight, and aids in the child’s brain and bone development.

Children’s doctors say that malnutrition or poor nutrition is a part of what is leading to child mortality.

Children’s doctor optimal nutrition

Children’s doctors advise that for the growth and development of a child, optimal nutrition is the only benefactor. While your child is in a growing stage (infancy and young childhood) the child needs appropriate nutrition that enables good health, maximum development, and good growth. Babies obtain their nutrition from breast milk. Breast milk is a perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat.  In case a mother is unable to produce sufficient breast milk for her baby, babies receive nutrition from infant formula. Every child has unique nutritional needs and it varies depending on their activity levels. They have lots of energy and need breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to keep them going.

Gastonia pediatricians talk about poor nutrition

A children’s doctor will tell you that poor nutrition is the cause of various childhood diseases. Children are not that good at choosing balanced meals and mothers are often worried about their children’s diet. And the most common queries children’s doctors come across include:

  • My baby does not eat and is very fussy about food
  • My baby is constantly eating, and craving tasty food, etc…

These complaints are signs of unhealthy dietary habits of your child.

Children’s doctors advise parents to make intelligent food choices, this is important.

Nutrition means using food intelligently for nourishment, growth, sustenance, and repair of the body. This determines a child’s body size, performance, and wellbeing. It also helps them achieve long disease-free life. if the baby does not receive proper nutrition, the child may suffer from malnutrition.

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