Children’s doctors understand the different developmental milestones in kids

Children’s doctor in Gastonia has immense knowledge of how kids develop. One of the ways that children show developmental progress is by acquiring specific skills that apply in their lives.

There are different stages to children’s developmental milestones. The skills that children acquire often result from their interaction with nature, learning patterns, and physical growth. Depending on your child’s development stage, they may show varying skills wince each child develops at their own pace.

This article focuses on the developmental milestones that each child goes through;

First 12 months – Gross motor skills

These are some of the skills and abilities that a child acquires during their formative stages as part of motor learning. The child starts to sit at around four months of age, and with time, they start crawling, then walking, and will start running around.

Gross motor skills are simple activities that often involve stabilizing muscles. Children learn about strength and balance as an important part of the learning curve where the younger one might feel sloppy.

12 – 18 months – Fine motor skills

After some time, the child will start to pick up more advanced skills and abilities that are useful for their learning and development. Fine motor skills help the children complete more tasks that do not often happen naturally.

At this stage, children have developed a full reflexive grasp and can hold foods and place them in their mouths. Kids develop synchronization on their hands and fingers by holding bottle feeders or holding pens and scribbling on paper.

Most of the tasks that kids complete are controlled by the nervous system. The manual dexterity development reaches complex levels that allow for smaller and more precise movements.

18 months to 5 years – language and social skills

Language and social skills are among the last skills children refine in their formative years. Although some form of pre-production sounds in infants count as language, the skill becomes well refined as they get older. Speech emergence develops at around two years, and slowly, the child adopts fluency.

After some while, children can communicate and understand the language better, resulting in communication fluency. Such abilities allow for the formation of social skills that are important to support your child’s ability to communicate and understand the feelings of others.

The development of social skills allows kids to interact with others as they start schooling or playing with their friends.

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