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Gastonia’s children’s doctor recommends getting a flu shot in September, typically when the vaccine is out, for optimal protection. Most people above six months should highly consider the shot. This will prevent a range of serious complications since the flu is more serious than the common cold. The former can make even the healthiest individuals feel miserable for days.

Taking your child for a shot can be daunting and undoubtedly not hassle-free, but it will be worth the effort. Thousands of flu-associated deaths are reported annually as more patients are hospitalized based on the severity.

When should my child get a flu shot?

Pediatricians advise parents to bring their kids as early as September for a flu vaccine. The body takes approximately two weeks after vaccination to develop the antibodies that safeguard it against the flu. Visiting the children’s clinic before the first influenza outbreak is recommended. While earlier is safer, it’s not too late to get a shot during winter. Flu is typically at its peak season from October to May.

What age child should get a flu shot?

Anyone over six months should be vaccinated. This is particularly true for high-risk individuals, such as children under age five, persons with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, seniors sixty-five years old or older, and those who care for high-risk individuals.

What are the reasons my child should NOT get a shot?

You are not eligible for a flu vaccination if:

  • You’ve had a serious reaction to the flu vaccine before.
  • You have Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • You have a serious allergy to chicken eggs.
  • You are less than six months old.

Be sure to speak to your doctor before vaccination if you currently experience moderate-to-severe illness.

How the flu shots work

Scientists predict the three probable main flu strains each year for the specific flu season. A vaccine will then be created to provide protection against these strains. Other strains can surface. Still, the vaccine will make the flu symptoms milder and assist in preventing complications. Getting a flu shot annually is vital since the virus mutates from one year to the next.

The more flu shots in the community, the better

Flu vaccination works best when many people in the community get their shot. That means there are only a few people to spread it to. Most importantly, it helps protect high-risk individuals who can’t receive a shot, such as babies under six months old.

What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?

Knowing that people generally do not react to this shot is comforting. Approximately 5% of people undergo a minor fever, chills, and/or a headache within 24 hours, as less than 25% experience some redness and minor swelling at the injection site. You can expect any symptoms to last only a few days.

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