Children’s doctor helps you deal with your child’s tantrums

Children’s doctor in Gastonia NC handles many cases of children having tantrums. Kids with moodiness and a stubborn attitude can make parenting twice as hard as it usually is.

Children having tantrums can often be interpreted as normal, but not all of them are. Sometimes, children show more moodiness and the tantrum can be too much. This often affects your ability to work or think clearly and will definitely have an effect on your mood.

Did you know that some tantrums can be dealt with through medical intervention? Doctors can check your child to see if any aspects of their well-being affect their health. It is important that you know when you can see a doctor for the tantrums.

Here are some key signs to know when your kid’s tantrums need medical attention.

  1. If tantrums are becoming more and more disruptive to daily life, such as at school, in social situations, or to the well-being of the rest of the family, they may need to be addressed.
  2. If your child exhibits excessive aggression against other people, animals, or themselves. If you have a pet at home, you might notice that the child does not act friendly towards them. First, hostile behavior among certain animals will prompt them to protect themselves and they can get aggressive. Seek medical attention to protect your child’s safety.
  3. If you start to notice tantrums occurring in conjunction with other symptoms like fever, headaches, stomachaches, and even nausea.
  4. If your child throws more than seven tantrums per day that last longer than 20 minutes and are difficult for them to recover from. Sometimes, the prolonged tantrums can be as a result of underlying issues that need to be checked into. Doctors look into the problem to make sure they are in the best health.
  5. If your child seems overly angry, depressed, or unable to enjoy activities they used to enjoy between tantrums, their mood may not be their usual mood. Some activities like toys or comic acting often distract the child, but when it no longer works, it can be a huge concern. You need to seek an expert to get to the root of the tantrum problem.
  6. If tantrums are increasing in number, intensity, or duration, especially if this is a sudden change. Aside from the length of time that a tantrum lasts, there is the possibility that even if they last a short time, they occur every now and then. This might be a sign that your child needs medical attention to verify that there are no underlying problems.

Find the best children’s doctor in Gastonia for tantrums

Although tantrums can sound common, not all of them will go away on their own. Consult the best children’s doctor in Gastonia when you notice the above signs.  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offer top-quality pediatric care.