Children’s doctor in Gastonia NC talk about strep throat in kids

A children’s doctor in Gastonia NC explains that strep throat is usually a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat strep throat. Most children can return to school and play within a few days after receiving good medical treatment, including rest and drinks.

What are the signs of strep throat?

A children’s doctor notes that fever, sore throat, tonsils that are painful or swollen, and red are some of the signs of strep throats. Strep throats aren’t the only cause of an aching throat. Within three days of contracting strep throat, children may develop other symptoms such as congestion in the throat, difficulty swallowing, headache, nausea, and an overall sensation of unwellness or malaise are all symptoms of a cold.

Is strep throat passable from person to person?

Strep throat is an exceptionally infectious illness. It may affect anybody, although most instances occur in children and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17. When large numbers of children and teenagers are nearby during the school year, infections are widespread.

What causes strep throat?

Bacteria that cause strep throat prefer to live in the nose and throat where the disease is most easily transmitted. Such simple behaviors like sneezing, coughing, or shaking hands may quickly transfer an illness. Kids with untreated strep throat are more likely to transmit the virus.

What is the treatment for strep throat?

It’s critical to instill a habit of handwashing in children from an early age. By practicing good personal cleanliness, they may reduce their risk of contracting infectious illnesses like strep throat.

When it comes to treating strep throat, doctors often recommend taking antibiotics for ten days at a time. You may expect your youngster to be fever-free and contagious-free within 24 hours of beginning antibiotics. Other symptoms should begin to subside by the third or fourth day.

When to see your doctor

The children’s doctor in Gastonia Pediatric Associates explains that contact your doctor as you see any symptoms in your kid. Strep throat may be diagnosed in the office by taking a sample of the fluids at the back of the throat and analyzing them with a cotton swab.

Children’s doctor in Gastonia NC talk about strep throat

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