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Children’s doctor in Gastonia NC advocates for co-sleeping with your children. Co-sleeping is essentially sharing a bed with your infant. It can just be in the same room or even the same bed. You and your unborn child became one at around 40 weeks of pregnancy. You naturally want to be as close to him or her as you can be now that they have finally arrived, even when you are sleeping. Consult the top pediatrician in Gastonia before co-sleeping with your child to learn all the dos and don’ts.

  • Make sure that both you and your child are clothed warmly enough to avoid needing a blanket. Your baby is more likely to suffocate if you use blankets, duvets, pillows, and other bedding. So, it is essential to exclude the blanket. However, use a light sheet and draw it up to your mid-waist if you really can’t sleep without one.
  • It is best to avoid letting your child sleep in the same bed as your pet or other children if you have a pet in your home. By doing this, you’ll be able to provide your kid with a restful night’s sleep while avoiding any potential risks or infections. Your pediatrician will also advise you to remove any jewelry before going to bed in order to protect your unborn child from any unnecessary risks.
  • It is not at all safe for your infant to sleep on a waterbed, so get them a solid and comfy mattress instead. In addition, your child should not sleep on a sofa, armchair, egg-crate mattress, or any other surface that is not hard and can restrict their breathing.
  • Even when co-sleeping, most parents use the “back to sleep” technique, which is the safest method for your kid. Babies who sleep on their backs have a lower risk of SIDS, according to experienced child specialists.
  • Your bed should be away from any unsafe room properties or items. Check the area around your bed for photo frames, cords for window blinds, lamps, and other anything that could be pulled over.
  • You must always stay at your baby’s side because they are still getting used to the surroundings. Make sure an adult is nearby if your child is sleeping in a huge bed. The reputable Child Specialists in Gastonia advise against ever leaving your baby unsupervised or alone. Put your infant in a cot or bassinet until you can rejoin them if you are unable to be nearby at all times.

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Co-sleeping with your child is easier with such knowledge to make a huge difference. Children’s doctor in Gastonia can help you hack parenthood easily.

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