Children’s doctors in Gastonia NC say during a stroke, blood flow to a specific part of the brain is restricted or halted, which may occur due to a clot or a ruptured blood artery. When one of these events occurs, brain cells begin to die, and brain damage may in the process. When it comes to children, stroke is the sixth highest cause of mortality. Children who are at risk of having a stroke include:

  • Newborns,
  • children with sickle cell anemia, congenital heart abnormalities, immunological illnesses, or issues with blood coagulation,
  • Children who were previously healthy but were later discovered to have hidden illnesses such as small blood arteries or a propensity to develop blood clots readily

In most youngsters, the recognition of a stroke is either delayed or completely missing. Many children who have stroke syndromes are misdiagnosed with more common disorders that resemble strokes, such as migraines, epilepsy, or viral infections, which may lead to more complications.

Symptoms and signs to look out for

When it comes to youngsters and teens, the sudden emergence of the following signs and symptoms is one of the most prevalent indications and symptoms of a stroke:

  • Facial numbness or tingling, generally on one side of the body, as well as arm or leg weakness
  • Walking difficulties caused by weakness or difficulty moving one side of the body or by a lack of coordination
  • Problems with speaking or comprehending languages, such as slurred speech, difficulty attempting to talk, inability to speak at all, or difficulty following basic instructions.
  • Severe headache, particularly when combined with vomiting and tiredness
  • Having difficulty seeing properly in one or both eyes
  • The presence of severe dizziness or lack of coordination, which may result in the loss of balance or falling
  • new onset of seizures, particularly if they affect just one side of the body and are followed by paralysis on the side of the body affected by the seizure activity
  • Continuous non-stop headache, fatigue, and vomiting that worsens with time, with no respite for days at a time

Pay attention to any of the signs listed above.

What you can do to help

Make your youngster lay down on their back. Make sure your youngster doesn’t get anything to eat or drink. Call 911 or go to the closest Gastonia pediatric associate’s doctor.

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