Children’s doctor recommends a bedtime routine to make sure your child gets enough sleep

A children’s doctor in Gastonia NC insists on the need for quality sleep for your child. Sleep is essential in any child’s development since it protects their health and mental well-being.

Despite the apparent benefits of quality sleep to your child, it can be hard to get them to sleep the recommended 8 to 9 hours each night. Unfortunately, the spaced-out hours spent napping during the day don’t cut it; they still need eight hours of rest.

One of the reasons why children can have trouble sleeping is the inconsistency of sleeping at different times. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a bedtime routine to help you make them fall asleep faster and get enough rest for an active day. Here is how to go about it.

Set specific hours of play and sleep

As the parent, you are supposed to make correct decisions for your child. Letting them stay indoors or play all day will not help with their development. It would help to find the right balance between playtime and sleep.

Setting specific hours for playing and sleeping can help you get started with a routine. Child growth is often behavioral, and when they know they need to be asleep at a specific time, their mind registers that. You will notice that what starts as a mannerism becomes a pattern and later behavior, reducing sleeping problems at night.

Limit screen time

Screens are the leading cause of distraction, with the most entertaining kid’s content available online and on TV channels. Let your child know they can watch cartoons or use gadgets until a specific time. Preventing them from being on screens prevents the mind from being activated and helps them wind down slowly.


Bathing induces calm and comfort, making the child feel sleepy afterward. It is also a good practice since you train them not to get in bed dirty from a young age.

Bath your child in a pleasant and soothing environment and dress them in warm clothes to make them fall into a deep sleep.

Make your child comfortable

Any discomfort once they get to bed can be a distraction. Make sure your child is safe when tucking them into the sheets.

Avoid loud noises from appliances since they can affect the child’s comfort. Also, reassure them that they are safe from monsters and leave a night light on for them if need be.

Work with the best Gastonia NC children’s doctor

Bedtime routines have worked well for most parents who have had issues with their children getting sleep. However, if your child’s sleeping problems persist, visit Gastonia’s best children’s doctor for personalized care.

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