Children’s doctor can help you manage your kid’s stress after a traumatic event

Children’s doctor in Gastonia understands the need for every parent to help their kids cope after a traumatic event. Children can feel safe, manage their fears, navigate their grief, and recover in a healthy way with comfort, support, and reassurance following a terrible experience. This guide provides straightforward advice on what to do, expect, and watch out for. Ask your doctor or another healthcare provider for a referral if you or your kids need the help of a mental health specialist.

Make your children feel safe

From infants to teenagers, all kids will benefit from your touch, whether it’s additional hugging, embraces, or just a comforting pat on the back. It gives them a sense of security, which is crucial following a terrifying or upsetting incident. Consult an expert pediatrician for further instructions on what to say and do.

Maintain routines where possible

Routines reassure kids that life will get back to normal even in the middle of stress and change. Try to maintain consistent bedtimes and mealtimes. Create new routines if you are temporarily houseless or relocated. Maintain the same family norms, such as those about proper conduct.

Act calm and reassuring

Children seek comfort from adults after experiencing horrific occurrences. Children are quick to pick up on nervousness, so avoid discussing your worries with them or around them, and be mindful of the tone of your voice.

Breathing exercises can aid children in relaxing. When anxiety sets in, breathing becomes shallow; deep belly breaths can help kids relax. You can place a wad of cotton or a feather in front of your child’s mouth and instruct him to blow slowly out of his mouth. Alternatively, you may say, “Let’s take a deep breath in as I count to three, then let it out while I count to three.” As your child lies down with a stuffed animal or cushion on his tummy, urge him to take calm breaths in and out while observing the movement of the object.

Help kids enjoy themselves

Encourage children to play with others and engage in activities. They benefit from the diversion because it restores their sense of normalcy. While you’re at it, talk about what happened. It’s important to get information about a stressful occurrence from a responsible adult. Allow kids to ask questions and keep your answers succinct and honest. Don’t assume that children care about the same issues that adults do.

Hire the best children’s doctor in Gastonia

The best children’s doctor in Gastonia can help you reassure your child and promote their recovery after a trauma event. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.