Children’s doctor general medication safety tips

Children’s doctor says that over 7,000 children visit the emergency department every year for problems related to medication reactions and errors in giving medication. To avoid such error, and to help parents in the Gastonia area, below are some safety tips for general medication:

  • Keep the medication out of the reach of children, and keep childproof caps on the container.
  • Always check the medication label and read the expiration dates. Expired medications can lose their strength and can be harmful.
  • Give the correct dose. Measure the dose out exactly.
  • Use a medication syringe or dropper to measure the correct amount because they are more reliable than a measuring spoon.
  • Give the medicine at the prescribed times. If you forget a dose, give it as soon as possible and give the next dose at the correct time interval following the late dose.
  • Give medications that treat symptoms (such as a persistent cough) only if your child needs it and never to children under 2.
  • Be especially careful with over-the-counter medications.
  • Fever reducing medication can be given for fever over 102°. Remember that fever can be the body’s way to fight infection. Be careful not to casually use fever-reducing medication.
  • Do not mix the medication with food or drink because it might interfere with the medication’s effectiveness or dilute the dose.

Children’s doctor tips on how to help children take medication

We all know that not all drugs taste like candy. Some medications do not taste very good. Your child can suck on a popsicle beforehand to help numb the taste. Or you can offer your child’s favorite drink to help wash it down.

Should your child need to take medication, either at home at school, or in child care, be sure to talk with the program director. When your child is well enough to return to school/childcare, the staff may be able to assist you in monitoring your child during this time, be able to share information about your child’s symptoms and how they may be responding to the medication and other comfort measures.

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