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Home pediatrics care for small hurts

If your child suffers a minor injury — which he or she surely will at some point — you might not need to go to the clinic in Gastonia, NC for pediatrics care. The first thing you should know how to do is keep your child calm. This is going to mean some acting on your part — however frightened you might be, don’t show any tension or agitation. For young children, it might be a good idea to keep the injury covered so he or she can’t see it.

You can sometimes distract a very young child with a toy or book during home pediatrics care, but with an older child, you should freely explain everything and may ask him or her to help with the bandage or antibiotic ointment.

If your child has gotten a small cut or scrape, the first thing to do is make sure it isn’t too serious. Press a clean cloth on it until it stops bleeding — if it doesn’t, the injury is worse than it looks and you should go to the ER. If it does stop bleeding, clean it using lukewarm running water, pat it dry with a clean cloth and apply antibiotic ointment and an adhesive bandage.

Scalds and other burns

The most common type of burn young children face is scalding from too-hot water or spilled hot soup or coffee. To treat one of these, the first thing to do is remove the heat source. You should run cool water over the scalded area for at least twenty minutes until it stops hurting. Don’t use ice or very cold water — the goal here is to get all the tissues down to a comfortable temperature. Remove clothing near the scalded area, in case swelling starts. If the burn is on the face, hands or genitals or is more than a quarter of an inch across, take your child to the ER. 

Try to keep the burned area elevated above the heart. Tell your child that if any blisters form, he or she should let you bandage them instead of breaking them.

A small burn, such as from touching a hot pan, should be treated in a similar way. Use an antibiotic ointment, because burns are prone to infection.

Pediatrics care in Gastonia, NC

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