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Pediatrics tips for avoiding summer weight gain

Pediatrics experts warn that children tend to gain weight faster over the summer, and are more likely to become overweight or obese. There are some ways you can help keep them healthy.

Getting kids to eat fruits and veggies

There’s no getting around it — children, like adults only more so, like fattening and unhealthy foods. They like chips, cookies, soda, candy and so on. That said, when they’re hungry for a snack they’ll eat many different things, including some things that are actually good for them. If your child isn’t allergic to peanuts, celery with peanut butter often works as a protein-rich substitute for candy. Fresh fruit also usually goes over well.

Even to a child’s palate, fresh vegetables taste much better than canned vegetables. If you can get to them, look for roadside farmers’ markets in the more rural parts of North Carolina. If you have the use of an oven, learn to roast fresh vegetables — this will make them taste better than boiling or steaming them without sacrificing nutritional value.

If you have a good-sized backyard and no intrusive zoning laws, you can plant tomatoes and other vegetables in your backyard and enlist your children in helping you grow them. Children are a lot more likely to eat vegetables if they’ve helped to grow them themselves.

Encouraging kids to exercise

It can be harder to get children to exercise in the summer in Gastonia, NC, even though they have more time to do it. It’s hotter, and there is the risk of sunburn in the middle of the day and mosquitoes in the early evening. This is why you should look for a swimming pool or other indoor areas to exercise.

Sleep is as important to health as exercise, and harder during the summer with fewer hours of night. In order to make sure your children sleep during the appointed hours, make sure all computers and TVs are turned off an hour earlier.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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