Gastonia, NC pediatricians on sunburn

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Gastonia, NC pediatricians would like to remind you to watch out for sunburns this summer. We all have a love-hate relationship with the sun this time of year. We can’t wait to get out in it, but the first thing we do is do everything we can to protect ourselves from it. We drive miles to go to the beach, then, with flip-flops to protect our feet from the hot sand and sunglasses and a beach umbrella to block the sun, we pick up a book.

But there’s a reason for this. A little bit of sunlight is healthy, boosting our spirits and helping us make our own Vitamin D. But too much of it causes sunburn, which not only causes prolonged pain of a sort which children are particularly ill-equipped to deal with but also adds to the risk of skin cancer later life.

Protecting your children from the sun

The obvious thing to do is get out of the sun. Look for shade, or bring your own in the form of beach umbrellas. This is especially important in late morning and early afternoon, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is high in the sky and more of the damaging ultraviolet radiation gets through to the ground.

In terms of clothing, there’s a tradeoff between protection from the sun and protection from the heat. Long-sleeved shirts offer more protection, and it’s also possible that darker clothes will block more UV. Look for clothing with a listed UV protection factor.

Look for a hat that has a broad brim. This will protect more of the ears and neck than a baseball cap, assuming your child wears a baseball cap the right way around. It may be easier to protect small children this way, as they’re less subject to fashion.

Most of all, pediatricians recommend you apply sunscreen, and apply it to every bit of skin likely to be exposed to the sun. Look for something with at least SPF 30 and UVA and UVB protection, and put it on about 30 minutes before your children go outside. If your children are wearing flip-flops or sandals, put it on the tops of their feet and toes.

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