Pediatricians’ advice on water safety

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May is National Water Safety Month, and pediatricians remind you of the importance of keeping your children safe around water, both by taking safeguards yourself and teaching them to be safe.

If you have a pool, put a fence around it. The fences designed to enclose pools are designed to be much more effective than the little home fences meant to block off parts of your house, and they can easily save a life. The fence should be a minimum of four feet tall, and the latch should be out of reach — preferably on the inside, where only an adult could reach over to lift it. Never let small children into a hot tub — they could become overheated.

If you’re taking younger children into the water, make sure their flotation device has a collar that can keep their heads above water. As for “water wings,” older children don’t need them and they’re not enough for younger children. Children who aren’t potty trained or have diarrhea should not be allowed in the water.

Swimming lessons are important, but not enough

Pediatricians recommend that children over four years old learn how to swim. See if there are swimming lessons available in the Gastonia, NC area. Make sure your children learn never to swim alone.

Always keep an eye on your children when they’re in the water, even if they already know how to swim. Keep them from roughhousing or running around near the pool. If they’re on a boat, make sure they’re wearing life preservers. If they’re at a water park, make sure they’re old enough for the rides they want to try. If you own a pool, have something you can reach the center of the pool with that a child can grab onto in an emergency.

Remind your children to be careful when swimming in a place where they can’t see the bottom. There could be sharp or dangerous objects down there. They should wear water shoes. Another good place for caution is at the beach, where there are heavy waves, strong currents and dangerous riptides.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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