Pediatric practices remind you your baby isn’t in a race

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Your Gastonia, NC pediatric practice would like to remind you to try not to sweat the developmental milestones. The thing to remember is that developmental milestones are averages. Some babies ser going to learn to walk or talk faster than others. Few of them are likely to be faster or slower at everything. 

Pediatricians agree that it does not matter if a baby says his or her first word or takes a first step a month or so behind schedule. This isn’t a competition, after all. Just because your friend or neighbor’s baby picks up spoken language a little faster doesn’t mean he or she is going to get into a better college later on. Very bright children are often a little slow to pick up speech, but they are soon conversing on the same level as their peers. In particular, they shouldn’t even try to walk until their ankles are developed enough.

Another thing not to worry about is if your child falls down while taking his or her first steps. Pediatric practices know that the average toddler falls down 38 times a day. They are, after all, learning to let themselves fall forward off one foot for just a split second, then use the other foot to catch themselves — that’s what walking is. They’re bound to make a fair number of mistakes before they get the hang of it.

Things that may be signs of trouble

All that said, it may be a sign of a problem if a baby doesn’t reach a milestone by a certain point. By three months old, your baby should be able to support his or her head, grasp an object, focus on a moving object and smile. Your baby should be able to crawl and stand with support by the age of one year, and should be walk and speak at least six words by the age of a year and a half. If he or she can’t do these things at this point, this is when you should talk to your pediatric practice. You should also check his or her hearing if he or she isn’t reacting to loud noises.

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