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Kids’ doctors say the more you talk to your baby, the better

If you find yourself talking to your baby a lot, even if it’s just babbling, kids’ doctors say this is a good thing. Studies show that children in Gastonia, NC who hear lots of words in their first three years gain in intelligence and chance of success in school. Reading aloud to him or her will ensure he or she picks up lots of new words. Talking about what you’re doing when your baby can see it also helps him or her learn. By keeping track of your mood, the baby will also develop socially.

You might think babies can’t possibly be learning much from the sort of cheerful nonsense most parents say to them. But baby talk is sort of like conversation for beginners, and can seem more accessible to a little person who’s still working out how to make all those consonants and vowels with his or her mouth. Scientists have found that one thing even more effective (or at least more interesting to infants) than baby talk from adults is baby talk from other babies, so try to get them talking to someone else within a few months of his or her own age. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t also talk in a more regular way  — hearing different kinds of talk will get his or her brain working even harder.

Teaching your baby what to do

When your baby is old enough to toddle around unassisted and pick things up, there are two things you’ll want him or her to do — come when called and let go of anything dangerous or unsanitary. If you’re in a two-parent family or you have a friend, babysitter or older sibling who’s willing to cooperate, you can start teaching your baby how to do this right now.

The way to do this is to put on a little five-second play. One of you should stand at a distance, the other should say “come here, please,” then the first should come over and stand next to the second, and the second should smile and say “thank you.” Or one of you could hold something, the other could say “may I have that, please?” Don’t forget the smile and “thank you” — this is the signal to the baby that this is Good Behavior that Should Be Imitated.

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