Kid’s doctors on talking to teens

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Your kids’ doctor recommends that if you’re trying to give your teenage son or daughter advice about health, you should not try to sound like a teenager, unless your strategy is one of deliberate embarrassment. Adults trying to talk like the kids these days rarely ends well. Teenagers in Gastonia, NC recognize phoniness when they see it, and adopting a false persona to talk to them creates the impression that you need their approval. It also forfeits the main thing you have going for you — that you are the grownup, the one with all the experience.

If you need to establish control over the situation, remember that all control begins with self-control. Your son or daughter really needs you to be calm and alert, not oblivious but not panicking either. You especially should not panic — now is when your children most need your strength. This is especially the case if the situation is bad enough that they’re already panicking themselves. Don’t feel the need to agree with every emotion your teenage children express.

Don’t set off their defenses

Once a teenager has made a choice, good or bad, he or she is likely to feel defensive about it. This is why you should try not to make things personal. If you’re worried that your son or daughter weighs too much or not enough, try not to criticize their weight or their bodies. Instead, talk about the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Your kids can’t defend themselves if you don’t attack.

Also, keep it short. Everything you have to say can be said in less than a minute, and the instant you start to repeat yourself, your child’s ears are going to switch themselves off.

The biggest problem you’re going to face is that at the very moment when teenagers most need to hear the advice of older people with more experience, they feel the strongest urge to prove themselves outside the control of their parents. This is where a kids’ doctor can come in handy. They can be authoritative without being a threat to anyone’s sense of autonomy, and are trained to listen to children and teenager of all ages and get them to talk.

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