Why is it vital to get kids washing their hands correctly?

A children’s doctor will see many children throughout their career that have infections or something else because of children not washing their hands correctly. It is a fact; it is hard to get them into this routine and for them to understand why it is important.

If you have children who are averse to washing their hands every time you tell them, here are some useful tips, which may help.

The 20 second rule for hand washing in Gastonia NC

Gastonia Pediatrics staff all too often tell parents and children alike that to be protected from germs; you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Many children wash for a lot shorter period than this because 20 seconds is a long time. Making this time fun by singing or counting can help young children wash for this amount of time.

A children’s doctor advises giving praise

Parents are encouraged to help children take pride in washing their hands correctly. You should praise them when they wash sufficiently. Children can be rewarded in the same way as they are when being potty trained. Even a warm parental smile can be enough to turn this simple chore into a lifelong habit.

Turn the hand washing experience into a personal one

When kids have their own things, they can give it more attention. A children’s doctor will advise to use novelty soap, or your child having their own hand-drying towel. If these are colorful, they will be more inclined to using them on a regular basis.

The hand-washing routine should be a family routine. Children learn from parents, so if you make it a habit to wash your hands when returning home in Gastonia NC or before dinner, then your children will pick up on this and follow your lead.

A childhood forming habit

Over time, with the efforts you and your children’s doctor put into these hand-washing rituals, they will become a habit. This though is only half the battle because children need to understand the reasons behind it and to know where germs and illness come from.

Children need to know that touching their nose, eyes and mouth after touching something dirty or contaminated is the quickest way to become ill.

When should I see my child’s pediatrician in Gastonia NC?

With everything you do, there is still a chance your child can become ill. This may be related to hand washing, or it could be something else. If this happens, the best thing to do is contact Gastonia Pediatrics Associates who are always available in case of an emergency.

They are there 24/7 to give advice, or you can book an appointment and pay a visit to your children’s doctor in the local pediatric clinic.