Children’s doctors: Watch out for the warning signs of violence

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There have been a few school shootings in the state of North Carolina, and only by chance have none of them happened in Gastonia, NC. Children’s doctors warn that the same phenomena that give rise to school violence can be found anywhere in the U.S.

There are warning signs of violence that you should be aware of. Most children show one of the warning signs at some point, especially during their teenage years. One thing children’s doctors recommend you keep in mind is that a lot of the warning signs of possible violence are also warning signs of other problems, such as depression or mental illness. Get him or her (most, but not all, of the worst offenders are male) to a psychologist as quickly as possible.

Warning signs

Although many people regard the worst offenders as likely to be bullying victims lashing out, experience shows that — as common sense would suggest — the children who are most at risk of becoming violent are those who are, in fact, already violent. In particular, violence in relationships, or a violent or enraged response to rejection, is a warning sign in both children and adults. A child who began showing signs of violence at a young age is also at risk. A history of vandalism, cruelty to animals and frequent discipline problems are other warning signs.

But it is the case that children who’ve been bullied or physically or sexually abused sometimes respond violently, as well as those who are socially isolated and feel rejected or persecuted by their peers. Children who show no sign of remorse or awareness of guilt after doing something destructive or cruel, or who express prejudices or intolerance, are also at risk.

What to do

Anything that looks like planning an act of violence absolutely must be taken seriously. If you find evidence your child is serious, call the authorities. As hard as it must be, it is necessary.

Above all — if you have firearms, keep them within your control. Make sure they’re securely locked up and you have the only key. Ideally, your children should not even know they’re there, let alone where they are.

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