Children’s doctors on stuttering

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Although children’s doctors have no unified opinion on what causes stuttering in children, they do have recommendations on how to deal with it. Stuttering is one of the most mysterious of children’s ailments. Its causes are unknown, and its progression erratic. It can begin all at once or slowly. It can be mild or severe. It can happen under some circumstances, but not others, or it can be a constant problem. It sometimes goes away by itself, but sometimes not. It seems to run in families, so it may be genetic, but no one knows for sure.

More than one in ten children of pre-school age stutter. Again following no consistent pattern, this is sometimes when it begins, but sometimes not. Sometimes it goes away around kindergarten or first grade. If it doesn’t go away, it can render a child subject to teasing and make it difficult for him or her to communicate with others.

How to handle stuttering

If your child is still stuttering at age five, tries to avoid talking, has visible difficulty talking, or if the stuttering seems to be getting worse, children’s doctors recommend you consult a speech pathologist. A specialist in this area will be able to make at least a good guess as to whether the stuttering is likely to go away by itself, or whether you need to take additional steps.

According to North Carolina state guidelines, stuttering is considered a fluency impairment of speech-language pathology. The state has a form you can fill out to clarify the extent of the problem. Many schools offer speech therapy. The sooner a child begins therapy, the more likely it is that he or she will succeed in overcoming the problem completely.

Stuttering is not caused by stress, but can easily be the cause of it. Learn to be patient when your child is trying to talk. If you do feel impatient, try not to show any sign of it. Don’t overcorrect your child’s speech — let your speech therapist take care of that. Talk slowly to your child, so your child will learn to talk slower in turn — this helps. Don’t interrupt your child if you can avoid it.

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