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Advice from a children’s clinic on getting kids to exercise

With spring lurching erratically into the Gastonia, NC area, children’s clinics remind you that there are more opportunities now for your children to go outside and get some exercise. Childhood obesity is still a problem, and one of the ways to fight it is to encourage physical activity. Muscles burn fat and create the urge for more exercise.

As always, the first rule is to set a good example. Don’t try to get your kids to be better at this than you are — they’re kids. Be more active yourself, then encourage them to join in. The younger they are when you start this, the easier it will be.

Almost anything can be exercise 

If your child has an interest in any particular sport, that’s already a start, but it isn’t a necessity. Exercise is anything that gets your kids moving. It doesn’t have to be time spent running in place or doing push-ups or jumping jacks. Some children find these things pointless, and some of these activities, such as crunches, push-ups and chin-ups, require a baseline level of athleticism that your children may not have reached to do even one of them properly.

If you have a dog, you can get your children to walk the dog. If you don’t, you can go on walks with them yourself. You can also encourage them to bring their friends along. Remember once again that you’re trying to build good habits that will last a lifetime. Teaching them to associate exercise with obligation and pain will do the opposite of that.

Always be encouraging

With children, especially, you get more of what you reward. Every achievement in fitness, no matter how small, should be wholeheartedly cheered. Every real effort should be recognized.

Children’s clinic believe that this is often a problem in youth sports, where the coach expects victory, not just effort. Failing in this can make sport

s, and by extension athleticism, seem discouraging. Children don’t want to let their parents or friends down. If your children are thinking of joining any baseball or soccer teams, or if you want them to join, you might want to help them get in better shape first.

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