Children’s clinic advice on lactose intolerance

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Your children’s clinic can tell you if your son or daughter is lactose intolerant, but you should be alert for the symptoms. Gas and painful cramps are the most common symptoms of lactose intolerance, especially after a meal heavy in cheese or other dairy products.

There is a test a children’s clinic can perform to help you determine if your child is lactose intolerant. Before eating or drinking, your child blows into a tube. This gives a baseline sample of your child’s breath. Then, he or she eats or drinks something with lactose in it. This is followed by another breath sample. The children’s clinic measures the hydrogen and methane in your child’s breath after consuming lactose to see if there’s a problem. Listen to your doctor on what foods and medicines your child should avoid before going through this test.

Getting the calcium without the dairy

Many natural foods have enough calcium that putting them in your child’s diet will make up for the lack of milk — if you can get him or her to eat those foods. But many of these foods are expensive. Salmon costs a lot of money, and so do almonds if you buys as many as you need. Other things are like kale, broccoli, collard and turnip greens — cheap, but the sort of vegetables children aren’t known for enjoying, especially if they’re canned. Planning a no-lactose diet on your household budget is going to take some effort, and you may need to learn a certain more cooking artistry in order to make them tasty. Whenever you get the chance, look for fresh vegetables — they’re tastier and more nutritious.

How hard you need to work depends in part on how lactose-intolerant your child is. Some children can drink up to a couple of glasses of milk a day without trouble. Others need to stay away from dairy products entirely.

If you have a lactose-intolerant child who also enjoys certain dairy products, such as ice cream or yogurt, look for versions of these products made specifically for the lactose-intolerant. You may be able to find some in Gastonia, NC stores. Get some medical advice on the subject. Your children’s clinic may also be able to recommend a way of adding lactase to his or her diet in order to aid digestion.

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