Children’s doctor can do the sports physical exam for your child

Children’s doctor in Gastonia, NC

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Children’s doctor will give a physical exam during a teenager’s life. It is essential for teens who would like to get into athletics or more physical sports and activities. The sports physical exam will evaluate a teen’s fitness level and make sure there are no health problems. If there are any underlying difficulties, these may well put a child at risk while partaking in a sporting activity.

Although this examination is considered a “physical exam,” pediatricians go way beyond just physical characteristics of the body. Once a child goes for a physical exam, there are numerous things they should anticipate.  Here are a few things to note.

Pediatricians in Gastonia NC look at a child’s medical history

One of the highly crucial parts of the pediatrician’s evaluation in the course of the sports physical exam is the child’s medical history.

Parents need to take a functioning part in producing all appropriate information on their child’s health. A Medical history needs to include things such as migraines, allergies to anything, or anything which may appear to be pertinent. Immunizations or inoculations should also be mentioned.

A check-up in the local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic

A children’s doctor will proceed to perform a general checkup of the child’s body. This begins with height and weight as well as blood pressure and heart rate. Breathing patterns, eyesight, as well as more in-depth things, will be looked at.

A child may need to have specific studies carried out. These can consist of urine and blood sampling to make sure a child’s body is functioning as it should. Lastly, for boys, there may be a genital examination to check there are no signs of hernias.

Children’s neurological and muscular examinations with their pediatrician

Lastly, to determine if a child is physically capable of executing tasks required by the sport, the doctor in Gastonia Pediatrics will look for signs of neurological or muscular dysfunction. These necessary tests include the testing of reflexes and strength.

The children’s doctor will also check if the teen has good flexibility and mobility, as well as vertebral alignment.

Pediatricians make sure children are healthy in Gastonia NC

While many kids pass these examinations easily, there are occasions where a children’s doctor may spot something which could prevent a child from taking part in sports. This is where the other side of their job comes into play because they may need to talk to the kid sympathetically.

If you want to make sure your child is healthy and ready for an active sporting live, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and schedule an appointment with your children’s doctor. There is no time like the present as the warm weather is almost upon us.