CPSC Warns Consumers to Immediately Stop Using Miracle Baby Loungers Due to Suffocation Risk and Fall Hazard; Failure to Meet Federal Safety Regulation for Infant Sleep Products; Sold Exclusively on Amazon.com


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers to immediately stop using Miracle Baby Loungers because they violate the federal safety regulation for infant sleep products, posing a risk of suffocation and a fall hazard to infants. Specifically, the loungers fail to meet the safety requirements of CPSC’s Infant Sleep Products regulation because they do not have a stand, which creates an unsafe sleeping environment for infants. In addition, the loungers fail to meet the regulation’s marking, labeling, and instructional literature requirements. The lounger and its packaging also lack a tracking label containing certain required information, including the date of manufacture, required for children’s products including durable infant or toddler products.

CPSC issued a Notice of Violation to the seller, Yichang Lanqier Garment Co. Ltd., of China, doing business as Miracle Baby, but the firm has not agreed to recall these loungers or offer a remedy to consumers. Consumers who purchased the product will receive this notice directly.

The loungers were sold online at Amazon.com from June 2022 through November 2022 for between $30 and $50. CPSC evaluated the loungers in the New Bear printed fabric and is aware the firm also sold additional printed fabric options: Bee, Blue Star, Cat, Deer, Elephant, New Blue Star, New Panda, New Pink Star, Pink Cross, Sea, Whale and White Cross. “Miracle Baby” is printed on a tag sewn onto the exterior of the loungers.

Although the Infant Sleep Products regulation is applicable to products manufactured on or after June 23, 2022, these loungers do not have a required date of manufacture labeled on the product or packaging, and therefore, the CPSC urges consumers to stop using all Miracle Baby loungers. Further, CPSC continues to advise firms to stop sale of non-compliant infant sleep products regardless of the date of manufacture.

CPSC urges consumers to stop using the Miracle Baby loungers immediately. Unzip and disassemble the product by cutting up the lounger cover, sleeping pad, and side bumpers. Dispose of the pieces in the trash or textile recycling, in accordance with local garbage collection policies.

Parents and caregivers are reminded:

  • The best place for an infant to sleep is on a firm, flat surface in a crib, bassinet or play yard.
  • Use a fitted sheet only and never add blankets, pillows, padded crib bumpers, or other items to an infant’s sleeping environment.
  • Infants should always be placed to sleep on their back. Infants who fall asleep in an inclined or upright position should be moved to a safe sleep environment with a firm, flat surface such as a crib, bassinet or play yard.

Report any incidents involving injury or product defect to CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov.