Pediatrics experts on finding your child’s reading level

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The ability to enjoy reading is important for the ability to succeed in school, and will also give your child a safe and not-too-expensive way to entertain himself or herself for hours every day. The key to this, of course, is making sure that reading is in fact enjoyable rather than a painful chore. Rather than pressure your child to read, it’s important to find things he or she actually does like reading.

Some children are naturally gifted, and can read at an adult level at an early age. Others, due to conditions such as dyslexia, may find it difficult to read at their grade level. Different school systems use different tests to determine a child’s reading level. Ask your school officials which one is being used in the Gastonia, NC area. If you suspect your child is suffering from a condition which would make reading more difficult, talk with your pediatrics clinic.

This test goes to eleven

One thing you can use to determine your child’s reading level on your own is the San Diego Quick Assessment. The advantage of this test is that you can find it online, and all the materials are available for free. It’s a group of lists of words, one ten-word list for each grade up to 11. Whatever grade your child is in, start with the one two grades below that, just to be certain. (The two grades before first are “preprimer” and “primer.”)

Write out the words on flash cards, or print out a list and cover the words with another piece of paper. Show your child each word and ask him or her to read it aloud to you. Your child should need no more than five seconds for any word. Zero or one mistakes is considered “independent” — that is, the child can read on this level without help. Two mistakes is considered “instructional,” and this is the level your child is in the process of learning to read on. Three or more mistakes is considered “frustration,” which indicates a level your child isn’t ready for just yet. Again, pediatrics experts recommend you not try to force your child to level up too quickly.

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